Finally, a Pick-Up Rake That Really Works!
Special New Lawn & Gardening Tool
There have been numerous Attempts to design & patent
rakes, with a pickup means, to eliminate the back
breaking task of bending over to pickup bunches of
raked leaves or debris, in order to put them into
container or bag.
But so far, all of them have been either too complicated or too
expensive to manufacture.  And none of them have ever worked
well enough to have been marketed successfully!
Now, the patented, ergonomically designed 2 Step, E-Z Rake all
but elminates that back breaking task, and greatly reduces the
time & effort required to complete the task of raking & bagging
leaves or debris.  Click here for video!
After years of development, and refinement, the patented,
ergonomically designed E-Z Rake is now available! 
Manufactured  & Assembled
in the USA
Finally, a Pick-Up That Really Works!
(The Patented Ergonomic Double-Hinge is the Key.)
EZ-Rake:  Available Now!  Call (213) 765-5400 Today!
       Reselling opportunities for:
       Wholesalers and Retailers
         US Patents & Foreign Patents Pending
U.S. PATENT 6,502,381
U.S. Design Patent D5098, 415 S
Additional Foreign Patents Pending